Outside this room

I love the mountains, the disconnectedness as you climb up, the pumping blood in your vains, as everything vanishes from view.

I love the deserts, the emptiness, surrounding you, the silence, the dryness, the solitude, yet the hidden treasures found under each stone.

I love the sea, the vastness,the ever closing surface just below the horizon, promises of hope and adventure.

I love the swamps, the timelessness, in foggy moist composure, the play of decay and growth, of live and death.

I love the fields, the richness of life, of plants and insects, of accumulation of energy, collected from our burning sun.

I love the forests, the wilderness, neither tamed nor ordered, unbalanced, a garden invaded, regenerating in change.

I love the ice, the brightness, the glistening, the unforgiving, the meager land of frozen time and anticipation.

I love the city, in its diversity of people, crowded and pacing, full of rituals, history, culture, music, man-made creations on perfect world on a pale blue dot.

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