Ladies … well and gentlemen

There is an update again. Not only, but even also of this homepage. The CMS now runs on version 2.2 and I hope it works bugfree. If there are any I missed, please report to me.
Also new are 2 german Poems, more new stuff might come soon, if the script works without problems.

So what else is new? Much.
Despite my current lack of time, which increases by the end of the semester, I could finish some stuff from my List-of-things-to (short ToDo-List).

At the moment I’m working for CTDP on the last stuff for the release of the expansion-pack. I’m working on the Williams FW26b. Since I simply don’t have the time at the moment I postpone my GP4-releases. At/after christmas I should get the time to do this.

Much time and thoughts takes RaceCar these days. In a short time there’ll be many new things. I don’t wanna spoil any surprises, but I completed the RC-14 and I plan and work on a proper presentation. Something utopic is in my mind and on paper, but I can’t tell if it’ll ever be in your BS-Player. First I gotta learn.

Also in my forge is the car of the league-team Palatina. The concept is ready, but I still need a bit to get the car right.

So, know I’m fed up with writing news. My fingers hurt and my mouth is dry, that are 2 ouwies …
So enough for today.

Hasta la vida

PS: some might have guessed it, or I told them, which is nearly the same, I’m attending a spanish course