Glas of conscience

It’s a beautiful day in Carbon Springs. Well it would be if it wasn’t all the rain. In fact, it was raining all the time. No comparison to the nice weather we used to have some years ago. Everything changed. The hair style, the tv- programm and over the last decades even the weather. That’s what my parents tell me all the time. Every night I get a bedtime story about the good old times, when our dog wasn’t supposed to talk and the vacuum clearner didn’t run amok in the living room. Don’t know what to think of this ages. Seem prehistoric to me, but who am I to judge, I’m hardly ten.

Watching through the window all day long is kind of boring. But still I like to observe my surroundings. See the neighbours doing their garden, see them doing our garden and imagine having a garden someday aswell.
So I enjoy this last days in which I have all my freedoms. Soon this will change a lot and it won’t be as silent in this flat as it is now.
What I didn’t mention yet is, that my parents are awaiting another baby. That makes 3 of us, since I’m already the second. I have a elder sister, who is several years older than me, I think she’s 17, but I have to ask her again.
I don’t know why, but she isn’t as excited about the new baby as I am. I can’t await having a healthy little brother to play with all the time. It’ll be funny having a small friend who can’t run away while playing with him. But my parents already told me, that he’ll be something very special and that even I have to care for him. Hope he doesn’t cry all the time. That’d awful.
Anyway, it was a strange day when my parents came back home and ordered my sister and me to listen to their announcement. To say the least we were surprised. And we were even more surprised when they brought the inc… incubator. It looks like a giant fishglas, it’s right there in the wall in the living room. Every now and then I walk over and look inside. It’s very tiny, but there is – my little brother growing. It looks like he’s trying to swim, awesome.

My sister doesn’t share all this enthusiasm of mine. Every time she passes the aquarium she looks at it with a cold view, that I can’t describe. A mix of scepticism and disregard. I even heard her arguing with our parents when I was supposed to sleep. I couldn’t catch what it all was about, but I asked her the other day and she tried to explain. She told me, that this little child wasn’t created like we were. She said “Just like our breakfast the baby was created in a laboratory.” I couldn’t follow the comparison, but she continued explaining. “In contrast to the way both of us came to life, this our ‘brother’ barely resembles the same source. He may life and grow as our future brother, but we should keep in mind, that he’s different. Our parents looked into his life and changed it. They protected him artificially from any illness or decease, that could threaten, but also strengthen him. They manipulated his future unnecessarily although they didn’t even pick his name yet. We didn’t got this treatment, and if you ask me, I’m glad I didn’t got it. Evaluate it yourself by the time, but keep it in mind.” That’s what she said.

It took me quite some time to get her words right, still I’m only a child and at school we barely get to learn how to handle a cell phone, never mind the different conflicts of family life.
My sister has her very own opinion. I still don’t understand completely why she isn’t looking forward to the newest addition of our family. I always thought girls like babies, well right next to dolls and boys.

Again, I look at the baby, flooding in the center of this big sphere of glas. Helpless, tiny, but soon to be born. I snip in some fish food and leave the room.

Another story from my english-lessons. Topic was genetic engineering and we were supposed to describe the life of teenagers in the year 2030.