Can I be your screenshot guy?

I have to address one thing here. At the moment I redirect and answer all requests and feedbacks coming over the mail-form at CTDP. I noticed one tendency during the last couple of weeks, which I’d like to comment here.

I got several offerings of people, who would like to be screenshot-guys at CTDP. With our 2006 mod halfway ingame and screenshots released every now and then I understand that the usual questions for beta testing come in. Sure everybody would love to gets his hands on the mod (just to be disappointed it’s not ready and buggy). Asking for beta testing is one thing. Asking for being screenshots-guy is just stupid and naive! Everybody in the team has a print-key and everybody could make screenshots. On the contrary sometimes we have to restrain screenshot releases, because otherwise there would be 50 a day. While beta testers actually have to do something, and they get shot in the knee, if they don’t, screenshot-guy suggests really doing nothing, which doesn’t help us at all and sounds just selfish. This is harsh, I know, but I just had to rant about this, because it’s such a poor excuse for getting a look on the mod. We are happy about your interest in it, but this destracts. So please quit.

On a last sentence. We have one screenshot guy “Karan”, who we specifically asked to do screenshots for us, since he just has a great feel of motion and scenic suspense. We invited him, not the other way round.

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